Kaigo House
Retirement Home


"Warm with love relax with someone you know"

“We are old. where are we going how will life be Can we create benefits for society? Will we be a burden to our children or not?”  Every question was filled with anxiety. It's not unusual at all. The Kaigo House team realized the need. And the solution of the end of life for the elderly society for more than 6 years before building this home for the elderly

         What Kaigo House does is to create a new society to the elderly. by dividing the room into a class together to build relationships with the elderly. taking into account happiness and safety for the elderly In this new society, we will allow the elderly to have activities together in small groups. and under a small group Our team will take care of the group. by experienced nurses.

          And with our will  we adopted Japan’s universal design standard to the project’s environment and design. leading to quality retirement homes for Thai society.


Air conditioners Water heaters in every room





There is a shuttle service. In the event of an emergency 24 hours

Laundry service