Q :  Is the price package all inclusive?

A : Kaigo House service free It is the price that includes all expenses. both in regards to medical care. facilities and food, etc.

Q : What groups of elderly people care for?

A : 1. Elderly people aged 55 years and over who need a caregiver

2. Elderly people who can help themselves need shelter and care

3. Elderly who are unable to help themselves at all Need shelter and care 24 hours a day.

Q : What kind of care services are available?

A : Kaigo house Long-term care for the elderly and monthly

Q : What do I need to prepare to stay in Kaigo House?

A : Elderly documents

  • A Copy of guest ID card
  • A Copy of the guest's house registration.
  • Medical history (If home address)
  • Complete the application form carefully to facilitate proper symptomatic care and services.

For relatives

  • A copy of the ID card of the relatives of the main responsible person.
  • A copy of the house registration of the relatives in the main responsible person
  • Complete the application form carefully to facilitate care and emergency hospitalization.
  • Relative's contact phone number

Q : How do you take care of the elderly?

A : The first to come in We will have a preliminary screening of patients. There is an initial physical fitness test by a medical scientist. Nutritionists take care of food. There are medical scientists to take care of physical matters. and have a schedule of activities

Q : Is there an officer to take care of you all the time?

A : There is an inspector every day. Have fever, pulse, blood pressure. Nursing call button

Providing assistance and care 24 hours a day. and have CCTV both inside and outside the building

Q : What to do in the event of an emergency

A : Kaigo House has a security system in the room. There are basic first aid tools. And there is a standby van waiting for 24 hours. Able to transport the patient to the hospital at any time.

Q : What activities do you have?

A : We will have a schedule of activities to choose from each day. such as brain training games Have a simple exercise,Class room, and physical therapy room. Depending on the preferences and aptitudes of each person under close supervision from skilled personnel. We also have travel arrangements. appropriate for the patient and Elderly people, especially both inside and outside the place.

Q : How can I contact you?

A: Contact us Kaigo House 24/9​ M.​ 8​ khu fang nuea,​ Nang Chok ​, Bangkok 10530​ Thailand Tel.02-1070918

E- mail info@kaigohouse.com